A short :) ride over a big hill

August 22, 2017    

Trail closed ahead, not.

I won’t lie, the Vektron has been very good to me. Don’t tell the boss, but I sneak the shop bike out on my days off and go places I haven’t been to in a while.

A few weeks ago, I decided to see how hard I could push it and it turns out I can drain the battery in 26 miles, but it takes 2,500 feet of climbing to do it. The nice thing is that a mix of public transit and e-bike means that the whole bay area is accessible.

For the trip, I upgraded the bike with clipless pedals, a Thudbuster seat post and 11-42 cassette. See our $150 Pallet Load Special if you would like to get these on your own bike.

This time, I:

• Took Bart to San Bruno
• Climbed the Sneath Lane trail through Crystal Springs. This is where the hardest climb was. It’s paved, but parts of it are switchbacked and quite steep. The huge 42 tooth cog came in handy.
• Slept at the Portola discovery site.
• Descended into Pacifica for coffee. Most of this descent was on dirt, and while knobby tires would have been better, the stock tires worked fine.
• Rode back up the coast using a mix of local streets and beachfront paths instead of Highway 1.
• Decided to go over Twin Peaks on the way home. I ran out of juice at West Portal, but because Muni takes folding bikes, was able to roll the Vektron onto Muni for an easy last mile solution. Note that if I’d not been lazy about unpacking my charger while having coffee, I’d have made it the whole way home on my own.

Click map to download route details

I slept good, but the next day at work, I wasn’t at all wiped out. I wonder where I’ll explore next?