GSD Accessories

Transporteur Rack $120

The Transporteur Rack is a modular cargo carrier. It carries up to 20 kg, so even when you’re carting two kids on the back, you can bring a picnic too. With two convenient bottle mounts, you can load it out with water for a long tour, or a handy bike lock for commuting in the city.

Cargo Hold Panniers $150 per set

Think of the Cargo Hold Panniers as a trunk for your bike. Keep your lock, rain jacket, and tool kit inside so they’re always ready. And then load them up with a week’s worth of groceries or a tent and balance bike for a weekend trip to the park. Use the lid when it’s raining or roll it up and out of the way when you’ve got extra large stuff to carry.

Clubhouse $190

The Tern Clubhouse turns your GSD into a modular minivan. Configure it with the included seatpad and backrest to carry two kids. Swap out the seatpad for a crate and haul a week’s worth of groceries, or bring a little one along in a Thule Yepp Maxi seat. With specialized tubing that protect small hands, and a compact profile for vertical storage, the Clubhouse lets the whole team ride together. It’s designed to fit two kids, from 5 – 10 years old*. Converts in seconds to a heavy-duty grocery-hauler, built for 600 × 400 mm Eurocrate compatibility. Includes four bottle-mounts for water bottles, coffee mugs and locks. Designed with extended side rails for added hand protection and includes bartape for added rail-padding. Includes seat-cushion and kid-designed reclining backrest.

*Recommended height between 110-140 cm; also requires Sidekick Lower Decks and Cargo Hold Panniers to be fitted


Passenger Rail $280

Replaces the Tern Clubhouse for customers who need a child seat to be mounted in the rear position. High quality welds, lightweight aluminum, black finish.

Rolling Jackass Centerstand $350

Have you ever yearned for stability? If that refers to your bike, rather than your personal life, we can help. Get the Rolling Jackass centerstand for GSD. With a wide stance <snicker> and a solid connection to the frame, you’ll feel much more secure about not falling down when you’re stopped.

Shortbed Tray $120

The Shortbed Tray is a heavy-duty cargo upgrade for the GSD that carries serious loads low to the ground. It fits standard 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates, so you can carry up to 80 liters of provisions. Depending on your cargo preference, mount it parallel or perpendicular. Offers easy access for swapping and removing one or two batteries.

Sidekick Lower Deck $50

The Sidekick Lower Deck adds a pair of lower shelves to the GSD. It works as a convenient foot-rest for passenger, and extra storage space for cargo. Designed to support up to 50 kg (110 lb) combined and hauls low to the ground for superlative handling and stability. Offers a comfortable footrest for rear passengers and peace-of-mind when riding with small children. Supports loaded Cargo Hold™ Panniers, for even more carrying convenience.

Sidekick Bars $60

Sidekick Bars provide a strong and secure handhold for GSD passengers. Mount to your seatpost, set the ride position and hit the road. Perfect for a bicycle built for two. Ergonomic grips for extra comfort and integrated BioLogic T-Tool w/ 4/5/6 mm allen key for on-the-road repairs. For maximum comfort and safety, combine with other products in the Sidekick rear passenger series.

Batten Straps $16 per set

Use the Batten Straps to secure any and all cargo to the GSD. Daisy-chained together or individually, the two 3-meter long straps quickly fasten just about any odd-shaped bulky item. Whether you’re tying down a push bike or carting around extra luggage, the Batten Straps are an essential tool for the GSD. Load-bearing straps easily secure heavy boxes, a suitcase or even a folding bike to your GSD. Fastens up to 100 kg (220 lb) of cargo and bears loads up to 300 kg (661 lb). Buckle is easy to adjust yet firmly holds cargo in place. UV and weather resistant for all-weather carrying. Includes two 3-meter (9.8 ft), 1” wide straps. Combine with the Sidekick Lower Decks, Clubhouse or Shortbed Tray for extra cargo support.

Sidekick Foot Pegs $25 per set

The Sidekick Foot Pegs are specially designed for the Tern GSD and are retractable foot supports for a rear passenger. They tuck into the frame when not in use, and pop out with one push when you need them. Helps your rear passenger ride in comfort and style.

Sidekick Seat Pad $45

The Sidekick Seat Pad lets you bring a passenger along for the ride in comfort. With a KLICKfix rack mount, the Sidekick Seat Pad clips on and off in seconds. Pair it with the rest of the Sidekick kit for extra comfort and convenience. It adds a comfortable rack-top cushion to the GSD. Designed to fit two Sidekick Seat Pads on a single GSD rack, or one Sidekick Seat Pad and one Thule Maxi seat, for carrying young and old children together. Water resistant design for all-weather riding and includes reflective accents for night-time visibility.