Dahon Ford

Ah the heady days of 2015, when Ford was desperately trying to reinvent itself as “nope, we’re not just a car company, we’re a movement company” investing in all kinds of “mobility” like a pick up artist buying a flashy new fedora.

One of those investments was a partnership with Dahon. There were all kinds of fancy promises like, “Inspired by Ford design, the bikes will translate the excitement of Ford to two wheels, with each bike featuring a theme. Subject to market availability, the Mustang for example will be based on speed and style, imitating the original ‘pony car’, whilst the F-150 SVT Raptor will come with extra wide tires for off road riding with comfort and traction. Additionally, these bikes will also include specialized technological features for performance and convenience”

Because bicycle technology doesn’t have a 150 year history of refinement and design excellence and could do with a bit of sprucing up before going out on the town.

And then, as Oscar Wilde once said after the hook was set, “now we’re dickering about the price” happened. Ford gradually pared back the promises and ended up with “slap some stickers on your cheapest bikes and call it done.”

And then, like an extremely selfish lover, they pulled out completely and left Dahon with a warehouse full of broken dreams and Ford branded bikes.