Oyama CX E8D Series II

We no longer sell Oyama bicycles. They’re a fine brand and we wish them well, but it wasn’t a good fit for our product mix. The bike we recommend now is the Vektron D8. For a small amount more than the Oyama, you get a much superior performing bike. The D8 has a torque sensing mid drive motor rather than the Oyama’s hub motor and it uses the same frame design as Tern’s premium Vektron models. You’ll get a longer range, much better climbing performance and superior handling, folded and unfolded. For more info on the Vektron D8, click here.

OYAMA folding bikes include rear racks, fenders, kickstands, and handlebar-mounted courtesy bells—important for alerting others when you’re in busy, tight spaces—plus racks give students, business commuters, and shoppers a convenient way store gear while they’re on the move.