HSD Performance Upgrade


If you want a high visibility family bike, check out the new HSD performance in Limon from Tern, also available in a bright blue.

Bright color isn’t the only good thing about this model. Tern speced the more powerful Bosch Performance motor, bigger 500 watt battery, and faster charger. This is NOT the bike on Tern’s worldwide website. It’s a special build for the US market and is only going to be available through a few dealers. Tern only imported a few of these and they’re going to sell out very quickly, so if you want one, call the shop at 415-974-6440 to reserve yours now.

Fifteen seconds and the HSD transforms into a flat package that’s perfect for bus racks, train storage, or the office. Despite its diminutive stature, the HSD is a mid-sized cargo bike with some serious hauling capacity. With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 170 kg (374 lb) and an XL-sized Atlas H Rack, it’ll carry a week’s worth of groceries or camping equipment for the weekend. It even has a dedicated trailer mount, so adding extra cargo is a cinch. Performance upgrades include performance motor, 500 watt battery, and fast charger that charges in half the time.

andros stem
The HSD resizes in seconds to fit riders from 150 to 195 cm (4'11" to 6'5") so everybody in the family—from teens to grandparents—can enjoy the ride.