Tern Vektron

Last year there was the Vektron, gen 1. This year there are four new models, each with a unique set of benefits, but the differences boil down to three parts: Drive unit, frame design, drivetrain. And because somebody has to be the best, the S10 has nicer Magura MT4 hydraulic brakes and higher end components than the rest.

Is yours a one child family? Last year, that meant getting a GSD. Or we could install adapters, etc. to fit a child seat. That worked fine, but there was an opportunity to do better, so this year Tern came up with the Atlas Rack, essentially grafting the back end of the GSD onto two new Vektron models, the S10 and the Q9. If you need a child seat, these will work for you. Bonus, they stand up conveniently when folded and the new battery position lowers the center of gravity.

Drive unit
Complicated, but not as much as you might think. There are three drive units; Bosch Active Plus, Bosch Active, and Bafang. Bosch Active and Active plus are similar, but the Active Plus is more powerful. Both units have been redesigned to use a traditional chainring, making them lighter, and with lower internal friction. The Bafang drive is a competitor to Bosch with similar functionality. The Bosch also has a longer range per charge (is 30-60 miles not enough? Really? Ok then, ask us about upgrading to a 500w battery with 25% more distance per charge)

Vektrons come in 10 speed, 9 speed, and 8 speed. The S10 has the lowest low gear and the highest high gear. On the downhills the S10 also uses the nicer Magura MT4 brakes. Got hill climbing to do? Get the S10. On a budget? Get the D8.

Vektron D8Vektron P9Vektron Q9Vektron S10
COLORMatte Gunmetal, White/RedDark RedBlueBlack/Blue, Silver
DRIVE UNITBafang BafangBosch ActiveBosch Active Plus
FRAMEStandard StandardAtlas Atlas
GEARS8 speed 9 speed9 speed10 speed
PRICE$2,799$2,599 $3,199$3,999

* Same power as 2019 Active Plus.