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Visit the shop today for a test ride. Bring the kids, or a big box of stuff. The one in the picture was a friend’s mattress.

Bakfiets, bucket bike, front loader, mommy tank. Whatever you call it, I’ve been wanting one ever since Jan Vander Tuin updated the classic Dutch milk delivery bike with wide range gearing back in the 80’s I’d held off until now because the other Bakfietsen were way too DIY for a busy family. Urban Arrow changed that with a well designed bike and comprehensive collection of accessories for all uses.

The Family model also puts kids first (haha, front loader. Get it?) by making the box out of three inch thick expanded polypropylene foam with a heavy duty metal frame around the whole thing. It even has a clever cutout for kids to use as a step to climb in. The raincover and attached poncho make it clear that this bike was designed where it rains, but parents will appreciate the drain holes at the bottom of the box for hosing out “accidents” with popsicles or just the aftermath of sandy, muddy excursions.


The bike looks gigantic, and holds a massive number of kids, but when riding you’ll notice that the box curves gently; narrower and lower in the front. This departure from rectangular means that the edge follows the front wheel during tight turns, allowing the bike to fit easily through spaces you’d never expect. With a maximum width of 27.25 inches it will fit through narrow San Francisco doors.

The 400 watt Bosch motor is powerful enough so that you won’t mind climbing, and the NuVinci infinitely variable hub makes changing gears easy, even when stopped. Little touches like a completely enclosed chainguard keep things clean and simple to operate.

Rain tent$299
Box cover$119
Maxi Cosi adapter$249
Extra bench front$199
Rear carrier$89
Luggage net$109
Bike parka$159

The rent tent keeps your precious cargo warm and dry.

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