Xtracycle Edgerunner 10e


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The 10E is designed to be safe, durable, and grow with you for a lifetime. The compact 20” rear wheel makes loading children or cargo easy, and the low center of gravity keeps the bike feeling stable especially when riding with kids. Longer than other bikes to accomodate cargo, the 10E handles just like any other bike. Featuring a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain mated with a Bosch Performance line motor that aids your pedaling up to 20 miles per hour. Deore hydraulic brakes, e-bike specific chain, burly FSA DH Pro Headset, comfy Ergon grips, and puncture-resistant Schwalbe Big Ben slick tires round out the 10E package.

The 10E also comes stock with useful Xtracycle accessories like CarryAll all-weather cargo bike bags. These unique bags feature an immense CargoBay that’s great for groceries, a removable rain, and the classic bulky load friendly FreeLoader sling. The heavy duty double-legged kickstand, the KickBack, comes standard as well. Optional PorterRack, a useful front tray that attaches into the frame offers front cargo capacity without sacrificing stability. The integrated E3 V6S healight and E3 rear light Supernova light set is sold seperately.

Powered by the ultimate mid drive motor

The Bosch electric bike drive system is the European market leader working with 50 leading European bike brands. With the Bosch’s longtime reputation for quality and service, it’s no wonder they own 25% of market share in Europe. In 2014, Bosch entered the US market and partnered with a few select US brands and Xtracycle is one of them. The Bosch-powered Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E will take you to new heights.

The 350-watt maintenance-free Bosch Performance Line electric direct-drive motor puts out 60Nm of torque and gives you 50% – 275% more power when you need it most. This means that you’ll be able to bike up hills much faster than an elite racer, even carrying heavy loads. The mid-drive motor is incredibly efficient and powerful, so you’ll use much less energy under the same conditions than with any other type of motor. And the Bosch lithium ion battery gives you a range of 20-60 miles. It charges on and off your Xtracycle in 3 ½ hours and to 50% in 1 ½ hours. The Bosch Intuvia console allows you to select the level of electric assist and shows your remaining range, speed, and distance traveled.

Sizing:S/M Best for riders: 5’0”- 5’9”.
M/L Best for riders: 5’7”- 6’2”.
Weight:60 lbs (size L 10E) with stock accessories: CarryAll Bags and KickBack
68 lbs (size L 10E) including everything above and the Family Pack
50 lbs (size L 10E) bare (no accessories, racks or deck)
Length:85” (size L)
Max # of passengers:3 children or 1 adult
Load capacity:400 pounds including the rider. Add a SideCar to load on 250 pounds more