Yuba Supermarché

electric $5500
$5900 with box and seat kit
non-electric $2799

Carry kids, carry kegs. Carry both. Yuba’s new frontloader Supermarché has a two-piece frame that comes apart for storage or shipping, yet keeps the weight of the full bike under 60 pounds. Double redundant cable system and double-ended brake cable too. But why the frontloader? There are two main reasons why folks love front loading cargo bikes: control over the load and an eye on the cargo. The Supermarché is designed with a super low front rack offering an extra low center of gravity resulting in better control over the load; not to mention a huge carrying capacity.  Haul up to 220 lbs. in front and 80 lbs. on the rear rack. For folks hauling kids or dogs or other precarious cargo, having a view of the load is essential. You can play referee and provide snacks upon request without stopping.

What do you get when you go electric?

All the same things you get with the standard Supermarche, and more:
Bosch Performance Line CX Motor
Bosch 500 watt battery
Enviolo (used to be NuVinci) infinitely variable transmission

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Carry it All With the Yuba Supermarché