Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch


Floor demo discount available. Click here for details.

Want a Spicy Curry but can’t quite afford the current model? We do financing, and also have a single floor demo of the previous design. You won’t get the Bosch, but you will get your kids to school.

Yuba’s new powerful, well-balanced, smooth-riding electric cargo bike is here. They swapped out the Currie motor for the Bosch CX battery assist for more power to easily take the hills and haul more stuff. Integrated lights, hydraulic brakes, internally routed cables, and inset battery mount round out this incredible urban commute vehicle.

The Spicy Curry Bosch is fully compatible with Yepp child seats, or add a pad for older (or additional) children. With the Carry-On cargo racks, which mount high or low, you’ll never run out of room for all your stuff.

Electric Bike Review – Spicy Curry Bosch