Cargo bike sale.

May 14, 2016    

Oops, we just ordered too many bikes and aren’t going to have room on the sales floor for all of them. We need your help so the cargo bikes are going on sale.

Let’s make it fun. If you purchase a cargo bike that’s in the shop, you get $100 in store credit for accessories. You can use that credit immediately

If you want a bike that’s not yet delivered, you’ll get $200 in store credit. That is exactly the price for one Yepp seat, plus one dollar, and I’ll give you a dollar in cash, go get a cup of coffee.

OK, you know what? Let’s make it even more interesting.

You can even call the shop and place your order over the phone, but we won’t tell you which deal you get the until after you make your deposit. If you do this, I guarantee you’ll get at least $75 in store credit even if the bike is in stock. If it’s not in stock, you’ll get $200.

This sale is good for any cargo bike we sell:

Anything from Yuba, but mostly the Spicy Curry.

Any Edgerunner from Xtracycle

Cargo Node from Tern/Xtracycle It Folds!

Haul-a-Day from Bike Friday

Prior years bikes already on sale are not eligible for this sale

If you need help with the price, we’ll give you one year no interest financing.

But wait, it gets better. If you’re an existing customer, and someone mentions your name and asks for the referral credit, we’ll add $50 to your account to use on whatever product or service you want. Tell your friends, and everyone else.