Floor demo bikes

Every year we toss out the old and make room for the new, kind of like some dystopian Logan’s Run scenario for retail products. Our floor demo bikes are on sale now. Offer limited to stock on hand, usually one per model. You can call in your payment and we’ll hold it for you to pick up.

If none of the demo bikes tickle your fancy, we’re also having a pre-order special, good until the end of the month. Get 25% off accessories bought with a new Tern GSD or new Vektron. And yes, it’s clever, but no you cannot strap a folding bike to your GSD and call it an accessory. But if that sounds appealing get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.

ModelPriceSale priceYou saveNotes
Urban Arrow$5,995$5,396$600
Bullitt$8,025$7,319$706Includes box and seat
Supermarché$3,119$2,674$445Includes free box, worth $339
Urban Arrow. Save $600.
Bullitt with box and seat. Save $706.
Supermarché with free box. Save $445.