Floor Demo Sale

August 24, 2018    

No more floor demos until the new models arrive next year.

Every year we toss out the old and make room for the new, kind of like some dystopian Logan’s Run scenario for retail products. Our floor demo bikes are on sale now. Offer limited to stock on hand, usually one per model. You can call in your payment and we’ll hold it for you to pick up.

SOLD. The Edgerunner 10E is designed to be safe, durable, and grow with you for a lifetime. The compact 20” rear wheel makes loading children or cargo easy, and the low center of gravity keeps this bike feeling stable especially when riding with kids. The 350-watt maintenance-free Bosch Performance Line electric direct-drive motor means you’ll be able to bike up hills much faster than an elite racer, even when carrying heavy loads. 

SOLD. installed a Bionx drive on an Edgerunner 24D. The electronics on the Bionx drive are the most sophisticated kit available. Unlike other kits, you get to keep your front derailer and mountain bike gearing. And the power control is so smooth, you will not notice it’s on, you’ll just feel like the hills aren’t as steep, you’re really having a good day, and there’s an endless tailwind.

SOLD. Yuba’s Spicy Curry Bosch is a powerful, well-balanced, smooth-riding electric cargo bike. They swapped out the Currie motor for the Bosch CX battery assist for more power to easily take the hills and haul more stuff. Fully compatible with Yepp child seats, or add a pad for older (or additional) children. With the Carry-On cargo racks, which mount high or low, you’ll never run out of room for all your stuff.

SOLD. Sometimes you just want a Bike Friday. The Pocket Companion is that bike: 8-speeds, classic Bike Friday fold, cheap and simple.