I am a camera

May 13, 2016    

It’s not just a Buggles song or a play based on an autobiographical novel by Christopher Isherwood. It’s the way we keep each other safe.

There’s been a recent spate of crashes involving bad behavior by drivers, including police, which in previous years might have been blamed on the cyclist, but because they were filmed, couldn’t be.

A go pro is great for the front of your bike, but how about a camera taillight*?

The Fly6 taillight camera records a 2 hour continuous video loop with sound, longer with memory upgrade. If the bike falls over it continues to record for an hour, and then stores the entire recording. We tried it out, and even without enhancement, we could read a license plate at about four car lengths back.

Hit and run, with the Fly6 it’s no longer a realistic option.


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