Do you suffer from Pumpkinhead?

October 27, 2017    

Helmet wearers, do you suffer from “Pumpkinhead”? If so, say hello to Kali!

Three reasons to like Kali helmets:

Shaped for wider heads
We’ve found that our customers have two head shapes; the wider and rounder Pumpkinhead, or the elongated and narrow Neanderthal (look up Occipital bun sometime if you’re curious). Most helmet manufacturers use a Neanderthal headform, but about half our customers are pumpkinheads.

Magnetic buckle
Kali uses a sliding magnetic clip on the Danu and fancier helmets. One handed operation, secure closure. You’ll never go back.

Reflective coating
It’s sparkly! The Danu has a reflective finish that shines when light hits it. Active lighting is best, but this helmet will really get a driver’s attention.

Sparkly coating on the Danu lights up the reflective sidewalls of tires,
increasing your visibility.