Tern Vektron


All around the world, the way we get from A to B is changing. With the world on the cusp of auto-mobility, ride sharing, and the mainstream arrival of electric vehicles, it’s an exciting moment for transportation. To help drive this force of change, we developed the world’s most compact Bosch-driven electric bike. The Tern Vektron takes everything great about folding bikes—multi-modal commuting, portability for travel and storage—and accelerates it.

We have a Vektron on loan from Tern available for test rides until late February. Don’t miss out. The first shipment is almost sold out and there won’t be more until June.

Click here to schedule a test ride. Fee credited toward purchase of a new Vektron.

• Fits easily on buses and subways for electric multi-modal commuting
• Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195 cm (4’10” – 6’5”) so a single bike can be shared by the family
• Stores under a desk for convenient theft protection; no need to bring a heavy lock
• Getting out of town for a weekend getaway? Easily stash it in a taxi to the airport.
• German-engineered Bosch Active electric drivetrain—the industry leader in electric bike technology
• T-Tuned™ geometry for a full-sized ride and comfort
• Valo™ lighting system, with 150 lumens of power, for 24-hour visibility

Can’t wait? Can’t afford it? Get an electric folding bike today.

Vektron pre-orders
  • Thank you for your interest in the Tern Vektron. Let us know which option works best. We look forward to working with you.

Charge timeEcoTourSportTurbo
1 hour34191413
1.5 hours48282321
1.75 hours54322623
2 hours60342624

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