Store Policies


If we don’t have a bike in stock, we’ll order it for you at any time. However, making larger orders saves us on shipping, so occasionally we’re able to cut you in on the deal if you can wait a week or two for delivery.

Once in a while, we’ll make a Pallet Load Special announcement when we’re trying to fill out a shipment from a specific supplier. When this happens, you can help us by pre-ordering any cargo or electric bike and get $75 in store credit, or order a folding bike and get $30 in credit, redeemable immediately on parts, labor and accessories.

Return policy:

10% restocking fee, waived if bike is exchanged for another bike of equal or greater value. Bike must be in original condition as sold. Additional fee charged for any scratches or wear that reduce resale value. Applies to regularly stocked items only, not special orders.

Time limit is 30 days from date of purchase.

No returns on locks unless defective. No returns on combo locks if you forgot to write down the combination.


All bike purchases come with one-year free maintenance package.

Referral credit:

Would you like to help yourself while helping Warm Planet? If so, tell a friend to shop with us.

To get your credit:
Have a friend buy a cargo or electric bike,
and mention your name at time of purchase.
If you have an existing customer account with at least $100 purchase history, you get $50 store credit.

The unpleasant fine print:
You can’t stack this deal with other deals, but sale items are fair game.
It’s going to eventually expire, probably in about a year, so use it quickly.
You can combine as many referral credits as you like. Yay!