Take a Look Down the Bart Hole

June 18, 2017    

In our secular society, there’s always been a hole in our connection to the divine cool nature stuff that isn’t satisfied by the woo-woo. Our ancestors built Stonehenge to mark the passing of the seasons. What great modern work of human engineering could come close…

When my daughters were young, we marked the seasons passing by walking them out into the middle of Market Street, standing over that big metal grate and looking down to find out if we could see the bottom at noon on solstice day.

It was the perfect family ritual. Not only did it teach them about solar astronomy and mark the season’s passing, it introduced the principle of managed dangerous behavior into their lives by walking out into the middle of a busy street and standing on a metal grating over a three story drop.

While you’re performing this dangerous thing you should do with your children, why not come into the shop and buy a bike to take them to Adventure Playground? While they’re in the shop, they can also try the Yuba Flip Flop. We have room for a seriously fun indoor test track. Or, take them along while you test ride an electric cargo bike.