Turn off the lights, the sun’s going out

August 7, 2017    

Want to know something awesome? The western US relies so heavily on solar power that there will be a significant dip in power generation during the eclipse. If we all don’t do our part, they’re going to have to turn on the gas turbines to make up for it. Nobody wants that.

You are not “powerless” in the face of the creeping darkness Turn off your lights, appliances, etc. from 9am-noon on August 21. And Take the pledge, because if the system operators don’t know you’re participating, they won’t know to turn off the turbines.

And spread the word. this is one of those social media can actually do something real situations.

If you’re planning a bike trip to see the eclipse, check out the Hipcamp Path of Totality camping guide. And while you’re at it, the Adventure Cycling Association has an interactive eclipse bike route map:

And speaking of Eclipses, did you know that Tern makes folding bikes with big wheels? Check out their Eclipse line. They’re a step up from basic commuter bikes, best for enthusiastic longer rides, with hydraulic disc brakes, wider gearing, and higher quality components. Try the Eclipse D16 for a basic bike, or the much lighter Eclipse P20.