Urban Arrow goes to Vermont

March 2, 2017    

Enough room for four kids.. and their blankets.

Meet Sam and his family, the proud new owners of an Urban Arrow cargo e-bike. Sam stopped by the shop while visiting San Francisco and fell in love with the bike. So did his family. He had it delivered to their home in Vermont and they’ve been enjoying it ever since:

“It’s working out great! We had a warm spell here and the snow melted last week and we’ve been taking the bike path, it’s officially replaced the car for our daily commute and my wife says it’s “her” bike now & I have to find my own.”

Sam shared some family photos with us and we’re happy to share them with you.

“Here’s a picture with our two passengers, we’ve taken in out with the temps in the upper 20’s and they’re totally happy inside the cover with a couple blankets. Amazing!

The Urban Arrow doesn’t just hold a bunch of kids (or groceries, dogs, building materials).. but when riding you’ll notice that the box curves gently; narrower and lower in the front. This departure from rectangular means that the edge follows the front wheel during tight turns, allowing the bike to fit easily through spaces you’d never expect. With a maximum width of 27.25 inches it will fit through narrow San Francisco doors.

And you’ll see from Sam’s photos, there’s a nifty rain tent to keep your precious cargo dry, and a bunch of other fun accessories.

We keep one at the shop because we love it, but you can take it for a test ride too. Stop by or give us a call.

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