We haz GSD!

November 24, 2017    

When I picked up our sample GSD in Santa Rosa, the display showed a range of 149 miles. I almost decided to buy a blanket at the thrift store and just head north.


After taking the new Sonoma SMART train south to San Rafael and then down the awesome bike freeways of Marin I’m even more interested in going out on longer trips. Draw a 74.5 mile circle around the transit stop of your choice, that’s how far you can go and get back on a single charge. Think about all the camping trips you can now take with the kids (or, you know, without them 🙂 ) now that you don’t have to worry about a campsite with a wall outlet.

Getting it onto the train was a breeze. Note that I’m still holding my coffee:

You can read all about GSD’s signature features on Tern’s website, but for the next month or so, why not come down to the shop, take a test ride and find out for yourself?

Pre-Order Options

And just so we’re clear, after the success of the Vektron, people trust Tern to produce a quality product and the GSD is in high demand. If you do not reserve one, you will not get one. The first shipment, due in early 2018, was sold out to dealers in weeks. The second shipment is also almost sold out. Warm Planet is taking deposits on the bikes we ordered in the first shipment. When those are taken, we’ll put you on a waiting list for the next batch, but don’t delay or you’ll be waiting until September.

The GSD folds down for easy storage, offers smooth transit on and off boarding,
and fits anywhere a standard bike can.

Same size as a standard road bike